Guidelines for Invited Speakers and Oral Presenters

Guidelines for Invited Speakers and Oral Presenters

This page is designed to prepare you for your presentation at IAP 2024. Please visit the page regularly for updates on technical requirements, deadlines and general information

Who are these guidelines for?

  • Invited Speakers.
  • Presenting authors of abstracts selected for oral presentation in Proffered Papers sessions.

Please refer to the scientific program for further details on your session type.

As an Invited Speaker or Oral Presentation Presenter, you will need to:

Present your lecture or oral abstract presentation onsite.

All presenters are required to register for the Congress. Invited Speakers and Oral Presenters are expected to attend the Congress in person and present their lecture or oral abstract presentation at the Congress venue in their allocated session.

Submit short biography and photograph (headshot) for the interactive program and app

Submitting a photo and short biography is not mandatory, however, it will allow the Congress attendees to get acquainted with your professional background before attending your session. IAP 2024 Congress Secretariat has sent you an email with your login details to submit your photo and short biography online in your profile area.

PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines

PLEASE NOTE: In compliance with CME/CPD requirements all speakers and oral presenters are requested either to disclose any conflicts of interest or to include in their presentation a statement that they have none.

  • The first slide of your presentation must be your name and presentation title.
  • The second slide should be the disclosure slide. If you have nothing to disclose, please add “No Disclosures”. You can download a template HERE
  • We recommend that you label all slides that include unpublished data with a title: “UNPUBLISHED DATA – DO NOT COPY OR DISTRIBUTE”.
  • If you include video clips with PowerPoint; the videos must be embedded as an MP4.
  • You can download a template HERE.

Onsite Presentation Slides Upload

  • You can bring your slides to the Speakers’ Ready Room on a USB stick. The Speakers’ Ready Room will be clearly signposted at the Congress.
  • Please note that your slides must be finalized and ready on the day of your session.
  • Please upload your presentation slides in the Speakers’ Ready Room as soon as you arrive at the venue in the morning and at least 2 hours before the start of the session.
  • If you combine video clips with PowerPoint, please make sure to test it in Speakers’ Ready Room during a coffee or lunch break prior to your session and at least 2 hours before the start of the session. In the Speakers’ Ready Room for your session, please check with the technician if the sound and picture from the video are transmitted well and repeat the test again during the break before your session in the session hall to avoid technical issues.

Presentation Layout and Ratio

Format: Your presentation should be prepared in .PPT or .PPTX format.

Ratio: Please note that the congress computers in the session Halls are supplied with Office 2019 (at least) and the native ratio of the projection on the screens in the Halls is 16:9.

Important for MAC users

To use MAC presentations on a PC compatible computer, please note that you need to prepare your presentation according to the instructions below, before taking it to the Speakers’ Ready Room:

  1. Convert it to PowerPoint or PDF.
  2. Use a common font, such as Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana etc. (Special characters might be changed to a default font on a PowerPoint-based PC).
  3. Insert the images as JPG. The following file types will NOT be visible on a PowerPoint based PC – TIF, PNG or PICT.

Invited Speakers Registration for the Congress

A link has been sent to you with the registration instructions. Please refer to the email for further details. If you cannot find it, please check your spam box as well and contact us at as soon as possible.

Oral Presentation Registration for the Congress

IMPORTANT: Abstract presenters who have not completed their registration or have not emailed the Congress Secretariat to confirm any possible special circumstances will be removed from the Congress scientific program and abstract publication.

In order to register to the congress, please click here.

If you have any question, or further information, please contact us at:

Promotional Toolkit

To promote your participation at IAP 2024, please refer to our Promotional Toolkit page. In addition to the official PowerPoint template for your presentation, you will also find IAP 2024 banners, letterheads and more.